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Agile Furniture

How We Can Help / November 14, 2018

Create an agile working office that works for everyone.

We help you with furniture solutions that will allow you to transform your workplace into an agile working environment. A successful agile working space considers both cultural, acoustic and functional requirements – there are often very practical considerations to be made. We will listen to your specific requirements, and use our experience to guide you through the considerations and using our expert knowledge will recommend solutions specific to your needs.

This service is often combined with the space planning and optimisation service to ensure you are getting the most from your space.

As part of the agile furniture solutions we can…

  • Recommend desk to people ratio
  • Provide guidance on storage, furniture acoustic solutions and layouts
  • provide space plans
  • Provide CAD layout

We will always use our extensive furniture knowledge to provide guidance and advice. If you are interested in this service, you may also be interested in Activity Based Office Solutions

How We Can Help