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Activity Based Office

How We Can Help / December 3, 2018

Create an environment suited your office activities.

We can help you create an environment with zones suited to the differing tasks and working preferences of your staff. An activity based office allows the user to choose the environment most suitable for their task, whether it requires intense concentration or an informal thought shower with colleagues.

By providing different types of spaces, users can choose the best environment to complete their task. This increased flexibility increases users’ sense of wellbeing, reducing stress and anxiety.

As part of the activity based office solution we can…

  • Help you identify the different spaces required
  • Arrange showroom visits with our own independent specialist partners
  • Design briefs and product specifications
  • Provide guidance on storage, acoustic solutions and layouts
  • Create space plans

We will always use our extensive furniture knowledge to provide guidance and advice.

How We Can Help

Image supplied by Into the Nordic Silence