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Working with you to provide furniture solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Furniture Solutions

We have years of experience and knowledge to provide the best solution for your unique requirements

By Jon / November 13, 2018

Our Furniture

Create an environment suited your office activities

By Ellen / May 13, 2019

Activity Based Office

Create an environment suited your office activities

By Jon / December 3, 2018

Agile Furniture

Create an agile working office that works for everyone

By Jon / November 14, 2018

Acoustic Privacy Solutions

Create flexible private environments in your office

By Jon / December 3, 2018

Acoustic Solutions

We can implement acoustic solutions that can positively alter the noise and wellbeing within your office

By Jon / November 14, 2018

Lighting Solutions

Implement lighting solutions that can positively alter your environment

By Jon / November 14, 2018

Bespoke Furniture Design

Bespoke furniture design to meet your vision

By Jon / November 14, 2018

Space Planning and Optimisation

We can save you money and space with our space planning expertise

By Jon / November 14, 2018

Ergonomic Assessments and Furniture

Implement ergonomic best practice into your office for improved wellbeing

By Jon / November 14, 2018

Delivery and Installation

Flexible and professional delivery and installation

By Jon / November 13, 2018

Removal, Relocation and Recycling

Either as part of an installation or a completely separate project we can remove, recycle or relocate your old furniture

By Jon / November 14, 2018

Leasing and Finance

Utilise tax benefits and spread the costs through fixed payments

By Jon / November 14, 2018

Sustainability goals

We can help you achieve your sustainability goals. We are committed to sustainable practices within...

By Ellen / February 1, 2023


Work spaces are changing with a growing emphasis on achieving an engaging environment. Collaborative, flexible and social spaces are now common place along with agile working and new smart technologies. We can help you achieve your vision.
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Our head office and hub warehouses are based in Pitstone, Bedfordshire. we have satellite warehouses...

By Jon / November 1, 2015

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Our Accreditations

By Ellen / September 6, 2019

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Our Catologues

By Ellen / September 25, 2023

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Our Keep It Going Scheme

By James / April 30, 2024